Chanel’s Wertheimer Family Seen With $19 Billion Fortune

Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Les Parfums Chanel was established on April 4, 1924, with the Wertheimers taking a 70 percent interest, Bader 20 percent and Chanel the remainder, according to Mazzeo. The scents success soured relations between Chanel and the Wertheimers, and when the Jewish brothers fled Paris in 1940 as German troops advanced on the city, Chanel attempted to take control of the business. Nazi Occupiers She wrote to the Nazi occupiers in 1941, according to Mazzeo, arguing that Les Parfums Chanel was Jewish property and so should be redistributed, namely to her. She was foiled by the Wertheimers, who before leaving Paris had passed their stake to industrialist Felix Amiot, whod agreed to hold it for them during the occupation to prevent it from being seized.
For more, take a look at the genuine document on this site:


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