Whatever Lo Wants: The 5er: Handbag Designers Charles And Jenna Jackson For August

Are all your products created locally in CA? And if so, why is that important to you? Yes, they are all made in downtown LA. While traveling, we saw the importance in taking pride in your local community and the crafts that are produced there. We really wanted to institute this concept but also bring recognition to american manufacturing as a whole. I love the idea of purchasing a bag and knowing that a backpack goes to a child in need. How did you choose to partner up with Operation School Bell? Thanks, we really wanted to find a way to support the LA community and a friend of ours recommended Operation School Bell because she had worked with them years ago when she was in high school. We had a list of charities to consider but after spending two days with this organization, Jenna and I realized what a perfect fit they were for our company. We decided to partner with them almost immediately and it really is amazing to see underprivileged kids coming in on a weekly basis to fill their backpacks with clothing, toiletries and school supplies during their “shopping spree” at Operation School Bell. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pack up their lives and travel the world for a year? 🙂 The gap between wanting to pack up your life and actually doing it is bigger than most people realize. It took a lot of discussion with Jenna early on in our relationship, and our trip to Bali years later, for us to see how much the world has to offer in terms of enriching lives. But, once someone feels that internatl shift from wanting to travel to needing to, that’s when you just have to cut the lifeline, book a flight and start your journey.
Originally discovered at http://bit.ly/1834Tfu


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