Bentley Launches New Luxury Leather Handbag Collection

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This makes the shoulder bags from Alexis Hudsons holiday collection perfect handbag gifts for the holiday season since they can easily be worn right away as well as into next year. Alexis Hudson Handbags also feature several styles of clutches which can be worn for evening or during the day.
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Bentley debut handbag collection

Haven’t we seen this before? The short answer: yes. Snooks modeled her handbag after THE Alexander McQueen knucklebox clutch , which features the same skull and rhinestone four-finger ring combo to hold the bag. Hmmmm. We don’t know whether we should high-five Snooki for getting inspired by one of our favorite designers of all time or feel peeved that she’s taking one of the coolest parts about his clutches and calling it her own.
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With just two designs so far, the range (can we call it that yet?) is set to be presented later this month at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which for those not in the motoring know is a fancy charity car show in California. So what are they like? Honestly? They’re okay. While the sharp Barnato bag ($7,000) has been inspired by Diana Barnato-Walker, the first British female pilot to break the sound barrier and of course, a lifelong Bentley fan, the more rounded Continental bag ($5,500) takes it cue from a Bentley of the same name. Colours include Fireglow Red, Linen, Neptune Blue and Imperial Blue, all taken from the Bentley paint finish palette, while the bags will initially only be sold via a series of trunk shows in the US, UK, Asia and Middle East. BENTLEY BAGS: The new Bentley handbag collection debuts 18 August.
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