How To Spot A Fake Designer Handbag

And there was no indication who was running it, who would be doing the work, and what made that person qualified to offer an opinion. From the consumers perspective, theres surely a need for these services, yet very few businesses have seized the opportunity. The reason, says Susan Scafidi, who heads the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School and writes the Counterfeit Chic blog,Is that theres a huge liability if you get it wrong either way. Designers actively enforce their trademarks, and dont want a fake identified as the real thing. Likewise, if someone is trying to sell the real thing and its wrongly identified as a fake, they too, could sue. All such lawsuits can be costly to defend. Whats more, if a fake is good, it can be hard for even the company to distinguish it from the real thing, though they have covert, as well as overt, ways of doing that, Scafidi says. For example, the number of stitches per inch in a seam may be a trade secret, and with items like Coach bags that have serial numbers, they can easily tell if its for real.
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Spring 2013 Handbag Trends: Color Blocked Handbags Continue

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For spring/summer 2013, designers in Paris , Milan, New York and London color blocked soft neutrals, pastels, bright colors and exotic skins for the upcoming warm weather seasons. This wide range of color blocking gives handbag fans a variety of color combinations to choose from for spring 2013 when apparel will be lighter in color and softer in fabrications than 2012. The main handbag styles which were color blocked on the spring/summer 2013 runways in Paris, Milan, New York and London were the daytime clutch, the shoulder bag and the top handle satchel. These have been dominant handbag styles over the past few years and are showing no sign of slowing down for 2013. Handbag fans who invested in color blocked clutches and satchels in the past year are in luck; these lucky shoppers may not need to purchase a new handbag for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season! For handbag fans who wish to invest in color blocked handbags for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season, look for soft neutrals, shades of blue and bright colors such as yellow, green and pink.
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Awk! Rebel Wilson almost got arrested at the airport for having a fake designer handbag – even though it was real

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Rebel Wilson almost got arrested at the airport for having a fake designer handbag even though it was real Posted by Kim Novak on 21 December 2013 18:36 Comments Getting searched at the airport is always a bit awkward so you can imagine Rebel Wilsons embarrassment when she almost got arrested at an airport after a guard accused her of carrying a counterfeit handbag! Rebel was at LAX airport and almost got herself arrested after arguing with security staff about the bag which wasnt even fake but a genuine Alexander McQueen! Rebel vented about the incident on Twitter, claiming the staff stereotyped her for being Australian. She tweeted, Almost got arrested at Lax for carrying an Alexander MCQueen knuckle-duster purse. Then I got a lecture about how it is also bad to buy fake. I said, ‘I know I’m Australian but I do have some cash, it’s totes real!’ then I got another lecture about not arguing with them!,” Rebel even compared the embarrassing scene to the iconic rags-to-riches film Pretty Woman.
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Bags Of Class – Why Do Women Love Handbags So Much?

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What all of these share are clear, clean lines – nothing fussy or over-designed – and a combination of functionality and luxury, whether it’s the soft quilting of the 2.55, the handcrafted stitching of the Kelly or the finest leather of the Roxanne. An iconic bag owes its status not to canny marketing strategies, but to the finest traditions of pedigree, quality and craftsmanship to look as good decades later as it did the day it was first worn. And, for a true bag-lover, that is almost beyond price. BAGS: An Illustrated History, by Caroline Cox, published by Aurum tomorrow, 25.
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0 Comments Wholesale Handbags at NP Fashion are Perfect Accessory with Perfect Prices NP Fashion supplies the highest-quality, lowest-price handbags of any wholesale vendor online, which is why more than 4000 retailers have turned to them time and time again. PR Newswire LOS ANGELES, Oct.
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Simona Callá Has Affordable Handbags, Aruba-inspired Setting

“Although not all our handbags are personally designed by us, we’re making an effort to design all of them and eventually sell them as wholesale to other shops and department stores.” Boada has a background in graphic design, which helps her to whip up digital blueprints of each style. “Before the process begins, we like to get inspiration from our favorite designers and try to envision [the accessories on] our customers,” she says. “One thing that I’ve learned from doing creative work for advertising firms is to always put the customers’ needs first.” The Boada family has Venezeulan roots, and drew on its heritage to hammer out the brand’s aesthetic. “In order to maintain the Latin vibe, all of our bags have Spanish girl names such as Miranda, Sofia, and Lucia,” Boada explains.
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Shark Or Teddy, Why Does Pixie Geldof Love Carrying Doll Handbags?

Pixie Geldof - Gucci celebrates bamboo - shark handbag - ashley williams -

December 3rd 2013, 13:05 It absolutely was the British Fashion Awards and unsurprisingly anything got very jazzy.. One of the jazziest, or shall we say craziest, things was Pixie Geldof’ s Grinch rabbit baby handbag – that’s a thing right? She seemed to have leant her sort mind shark to her willing buddy – well, they’d not need to check silly now would they? Getty – Handbag These shark bags come from London designer Ashley Williams, but we are unsure if she was also responsible for the tiny green man too. Last month she donned the white one for your Tunnel of Love fundraiser in support of the British Heart Foundation. And showed us her first one at a Gucci event in October.
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