Shark Or Teddy, Why Does Pixie Geldof Love Carrying Doll Handbags?

Pixie Geldof - Gucci celebrates bamboo - shark handbag - ashley williams -

December 3rd 2013, 13:05 It absolutely was the British Fashion Awards and unsurprisingly anything got very jazzy.. One of the jazziest, or shall we say craziest, things was Pixie Geldof’ s Grinch rabbit baby handbag – that’s a thing right? She seemed to have leant her sort mind shark to her willing buddy – well, they’d not need to check silly now would they? Getty – Handbag These shark bags come from London designer Ashley Williams, but we are unsure if she was also responsible for the tiny green man too. Last month she donned the white one for your Tunnel of Love fundraiser in support of the British Heart Foundation. And showed us her first one at a Gucci event in October.
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