Spree Vs Grab: The Must Have Custom Bags Of 2013 … And Where You Can Obtain The Highstreet Copycats|mail Online

The £1,500 Chanel hula hoop case was the chat of the London exhibit, get a lookalike for £15 from boohoo.com and where you should obtain the high street copycats remarks Next year is all about the supply candy and from impressive grabs to plush bags, there is numerous variations to glam up any clothing. So you can revise your seek out less next year fEMAIL have searched the hottest bags fresh-off the design and their high street competitors.
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Spring 2013 bag styles: decorated – National Handbags | Examiner.com

Nail product Day clutches for springtime 2013 are increasingly being decorated with men, spikes, crystals, drops and brief edge. Night clutches are now being adorned are now being proven with glowing crystals, beadwork and limited perimeter. The dimensions of the clutches are largely mini, little and moderate.
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Reese Witherspoon’s Designer Handbag Collection: Céline, Goyard, Louis Vuitton And More!

Reese Witherspoon, Handbags

From classic skinny jeans to feminine skirts and casual button down blouses, Reese’s style is consistently classy and polished–and always finished off with a gorgeous designer handbag! That’s right, when it comes to enviable accessory owners, we’re pretty sure Reese comes out on top. We couldn’t help but notice her impressive assortment of pricey purses slung on her arm in recent sightings ranging from a magnificent midnight blue Celine leather satchel to a gorgeous monogrammed tote by Goyard. PHOTOS: Celebs with Birkin bags Um, amazing. These statement pieces will set you back a pretty penny, but from the looks of things, Reese is one dedicated bag lady who stops at nothing when it comes to scoring these chic collectibles. The cost of Reese-worthy designer bag?
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Bentley launches new luxury leather handbag collection

Bentley debut handbag collection

An odd move? Perhaps, but when everyone from Jaguar to Ferrari are busy playing with high end fragrance, we’re finding it a rather refreshing, if not slightly bizarre, decision. With just two designs so far, the range (can we call it that yet?) is set to be presented later this month at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which for those not in the motoring know is a fancy charity car show in California. So what are they like? Honestly?
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Handbag Artist Danielle Diferdinando At Macy’s – Baltimore Sun

That month, she also went to China to work on her spring 2014 collection. She’s also been working to maintain her growing social media presence. “It allows me to get feedback that I can take back to the design board,” she said of her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence. “My customer is loving modern, contemporary handbags for less than $100. It’s a lifestyle. She feels that she is part of the brand. I want her to feel that way.” DiFerdinando plans to visit fashion shows in Paris this September.
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