March Of Homes 2014: Indoor Developers Include The ‘wow’ Element|

Each designer has a different approach, but all want to excite, and sometimes challenge visitors, by creating interesting, beautiful living spaces. “It is the Parade of Homes!” said Taylor Rose Regal of Tay Rose Design, about “The Chardonnay” by Pigliavento Builders. “I want to have a ‘wow’ factor when people come through the door.” John Smolen, owner of Smolen Homes, said it’s sometimes more fun to develop a Parade of Home when you don’t have a buyer. He and designer Tori Gianuzzo worked together from the inception on the “The Glenwyke.” Before the drywall was up, Gianuzzo was measuring the space, changing the floor plan and picking the exterior color of the home. Interior designer Roseann Smith, of “The Hearthstone” by Loscombe Custom Homes , explained that “from the blueprint on up,” is when she gets involved. Smith changed the floor plan from the initial house design, moving the stairs, some walls, the fireplace and adding windows. “I look at the house as you are living in the house.

Israeli mini-clutch wins int’l handbag award | ISRAEL21c

Gili Rozin Tamam accepted the 2014 Bernina Best Handmade Handbag award on behalf of her Tel Aviv-based, two-woman design team, MeDusa (Hebrew for Jellyfish). And the winner is MeDusa. The winning design was recognized on July 18 at an awards event in New York City. Tamam and Adi Gals funky MeDusa plastic handbags and jewelry have become a favorite of fashion bloggers and are selling worldwide by the bagful. The mini-clutch edged out designs submitted by more than 1,500 applicants, and in its specific category bested finalists from New York, The Netherlands, Latvia and the United Kingdom. Tamam said of the award-winning clutch: Its a tribute to the Old World culture and Far East design aesthetic. In this style, the plastic is combined with textiles reminiscent of carpets and upholstery, which creates a playful juxtaposition of design traditions one ancient and the other new. Founded in 2007 by Handbag Designer 101, the Independent Handbag Designer Awards was created to celebrate handbag design and creativity from around the world.


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