15 Lastminute Gift Ideas In The Professionals – News

“Studios call, and they may need hundreds of gifts of a certain type; the Jimmy Kimmel crew just came in and bought all their gifts,” she says. “Anything is possible at Neiman’s. We’re our own city, our own country club.” Waterford Elysian vodka chiller set, $2,000 (pictured)Hanro pajama pants for her, $124 to $158Tom Ford Beauty limited-edition lip and nail box, $656Givenchy Rottweiler-print iPhone case, $90Beats By Dr. Dre rose-gold-tone on-ear headphones and pill speaker, $250. Says Bloom: “Right now, wireless speakers are hot!” *** Michelle Goodman,Barneys New York At any moment, Goodman may be pulling clothes for a pregnant celeb (she recommends Rag & Bone sweatpants) or working with celebrity stylists, execs or movie stars’ wives. Harrison Ford has been spotted having her pull for Calista. She has been known to remember an entire wardrobe and hunt down items from any Barneys or online.


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