Her Ensemble Prices What?! Ellie Kardashian’s $ 15,970 Avenue Fashion E! Online

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian dropped big bucks on this lookbut come on, it’s Kim Kardashian! What did you expect? The star, who recently teased a wardrobe makeover in-progress for 2015 with husband Kanye West on Twitter , was a constant wearer of the chic monochrome look in 2014. (Don’t believe us? Take a look back at our round-up of her best looks of the year.) We’re still stuck on this chic airport-casual ensemble that Kim wore at LAX on Nov. 25: It’s effortless (hello leggings), cold weather-ready (love the black trench), and elevated (check those sky-high suede pumps). So let’s break it down. Kim’s black wool coat is by Givenchy and costs $4,350.

‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ recap: ‘The Power Dance’ | TheCelebrityCafe.com

He tries to rape her but she threatens to kill his family if he does, so Quincy leaves, but it seems as if he’ll be back. Candace manages to sneak out of the house after telling Benny that she is going to sleep. She sneaks out of his bedroom window. Back at the hotel, Davis and Maggie are rolling around in bed, but David cannot get himself to cheat on Veronica, admitting that he loves her too much even though she makes him angry sometimes. We see Veronica outside of his hotel room. She calls his cell once more only to hear it ring through the door. She then uses the hotel phone in the hallway to call the front desk, telling them that she misplaced her key and asks for them to send someone up. Next week, Candace finally confronts Jim and Benny realizes that she is gone. We will also see the confrontation between Veronica, Maggie and David.


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