Her Clothing Charges What?! Rihanna’s $ 23! Online

Rihanna Rihannas $23,891 Sweats Street Style by Melissa Garcia Today 1:00 PM PST Loading… Keith/X17online.com Who could rock Kelly green warmup pants with Tom Ford stilettos and make us drool with envy? Rihanna , that’s who! The 26-year-old looks quite amazing these days, and her seemingly ordinary urban-chic outfit is further proof of that. We know what you must be thinking; warmup pants and a sweatshirt how much could that cost? Well, get ready for jaws to drop! Rihanna’s grey Celine crop top (which happens to show off her insanely toned abs) is a cool $3,250, her Kelly green Isabel Marant warmup pants cost $371 and her Tom Ford stilettos retail for $1,190.

Chinese Luxury Shoppers Are Taking Over – Business Insider

Screen Shot 2015 01 13 at 6.35.51 PM She’s a marketing director for a fastmoving consumer goods company in Shanghai. She’s Chinese in her style and has a slight, recognizable accent when she speaks in English but if I hadn’t met her in Shanghai, I wouldprobably have never guessed she was a local as she could really be from anywhere, sounding as cosmopolitan as she does. Brittany goes to London for business and enjoys relaxing weekends in Taipei. She’s planning to go to New Zealand with her husband and daughter soon. She has known foreign luxury brands for a while and is very knowledgeable. Louis Vuitton doesn’t do it for her. She likes more nichey concepts like Miu Miu and Celine but has seen many Italian and French fashion brands and thinks British Burberry or Mulberry or American Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs are great alternative options. Tiffany and Brittany are at the heart of the Chinese luxury market growth.They are putting pressure on traditional, historical brands as they are very knowledgeable and won’t be moved by what most Chinese consumers have an interest in. They know what they want, they are uncomfortable with brands that seem to cater too much for the Chinese, and they are much more subtle in displaying wealth than Calvin or Lewis.


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